about me


I have always been intuitive and empathic, but it wasn't until I reached my mid 30s that I began to recognize and understand these as my strengths, not my weaknesses. The more I embraced what used to alienate me, the more I stepped into my authentic self and my soul's path. I continue to enjoy this unearthing of my true self on a daily basis. 

I began my journey of awakening shortly after giving birth to my daughter. I fell into a dark place followed by years of health issues. This, I believe, is when I stepped into my destiny, my hero's journey, as the wounded healer. We must experience the depths in order to one day help lead others out of those depths. The path of ascension is not up and out, it is deeper within and through. 

I am a warrior spirit. I am a shadow walker. I am a light bringer. I am a truth seeker. I am a student of the universe. I am energy in motion, experiencing this temporal reality from the perspective of Noelle, while simultaneously existing in every other plane and form I've ever been or ever will be. In other words, I am divinely multi-faceted...just as you are, beautiful friends.

Below is a link to my self portrait gallery; my favorite creative outlet to express and embody the many sides of "self".

Self Portrait Gallery