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Biofeedback is the integration of mind and body. Every change that occurs in the physiological state is accompanied by change in the mental and emotional state (conscious or unconscious). When we have a thought, that thought produces an emotion. Emotions cause physiological affects in the body, such as a release of adrenalin and a raise in cortisol when stressed or scared, for example. With the SCIO we are able to assess where you are at emotionally and how this is affecting your overall health. We can also deep dive into past traumas and how they are currently affecting the health of your mind and body. Keep in mind, many of our core beliefs/patterns/programs are running on repeat in our subconscious mind. This can cause unconscious thoughts and emotions that are affecting our overall health.

This device is for the treatment of stress and stress related diseases. It is my belief that every dis-EASE is the result of some form of stress on the body, resulting in the body staying out of balance; the opposite of homeostasis. The longer we are caught in a state of distress, the more likely we are to develop chronic dis-EASE. And once the body acclimates to a state of chronic stress, it can be tough to rebalance. Some of the applications of this device include: back pain, anxiety and depression, migraines, physical therapy enhancement, insomnia, allergies, auto immune disease, thyroid disease, PTSD, autism, sleep disorders, chronic muscle tension, skin disorders, general relaxation, hypertension, and the list goes on. If you are unsure whether this modality would be right for you, please feel free to reach out to me with your current concerns. Of course I can make no guarantees to the results you will receive (as is the case with any allopathic or holistic modality), but I can guarantee that I will do my absolute best to assist and support your body in its healing process. 

This process is truly miraculous, in my opinion. For many years I was chronically ill with an onslaught of symptoms that could only be diagnosed as autoimmune disease (which, of course, provides more questions than it does answers). After a rigorous and fruitless process of searching for answers in the allopathic world, I decided to turn to the more fringe holistic modalities. As soon as I began treatments that involved the movement of energy, I started to notice a difference. Energy felt like life, and I could almost instantly feel a difference in my body. I had success with quite a few modalities, but none of them as successful as quantum biofeedback. After two deep sessions with a practitioner, I knew that I had not only found my preferred method for improving my own health, but I had also found my new practice. I still use the SCIO on myself on a regular basis; it is my go-to for anything health (mental/physical/emotional) related. It is astonishingly spiritual and is a great tool to aid in one's spiritual awakening and journey, as it is able to help us dive into our shadows (unconscious patterning, wounds, and traumas). Knowing the profound pain and frustration that one feels when caught in the quick sand of chronic mystery illnesses, I find it beyond rewarding to now be able to help others out of that pit and reclaim their health.

This device can be used in person or remotely. The best way I can describe it is this: when you have a group of people in a room and all of their cell phones are sitting next to each other, we don't bat an eye when one person's phone rings and the others remain silent. However, if you really think about it, that's pretty miraculous. Based on a series of numbers, a system of energy is able to instantly locate and incite a reaction in a singular device that resonates with that series of numbers. EVERYTHING is energy, not least of all  humans, and no two humans have identical energy fields. You have your own unique frequency. So when the SCIO has a certain set of information it needs to locate you (like your body's own unique phone number) it works in the exact same way. It is using and communicating through energy and frequencies, very similarly to our modern technology. Again, in the quantum reality, space and time are very different concepts.

I get asked if in-person is more effective than remote sessions and I really don't believe it matters. The body is going to receive the energy in the same way, regardless of whether you are in my office or the comfort of your own home. The difference is that you will wear head, wrist, and ankle bands when in person. Like I said, I prefer to do all of my own sessions on the remote setting.

I do not condone band-aid behavior in the medical/healing world. A symptom is the body's way of trying to alert us to something that needs to be addressed, NOT covered up. With my sessions, it is imperative that my clients understand that healing is their responsibility and there is actually no such thing as a healing savior or quick fix (pharmaceutical or holistic). You are your own savior. Me and my modalities are here to support you to the best of my ability in your journey.

* I am not a medical doctor, nor do I make any medical claims. In the spirit of soul sovereignty, I will say what it is that I am. I am a divine being (as we all are) that subscribes only to Source/God's terms. I work in ways that Source wants me to work, which is to bring light, love, and healing to this world. 

Humans have a sensitive detection field (or energy field) around them that can sense items; we can feel the vibrations. Depending on the nature of the other item, the electrical field will react accordingly. For example, if a person is exposed to a microorganism which their system is fighting against, this causes a change in his electrical field. This change is known as electrical reactivity. The quantum biofeedback device I use, called the SCIO, is capable of measuring these changes. During the session, we expose you to the unique vibration of thousands of various compounds. By measuring your resonance with these different items, we can set up several systems of analysis and treatment. After measuring your unconscious reactivity, we use this to feed information back to you. We assess what it is your body is needing the most and how your body would prefer to treat certain ailments, chronic diseases, allergies, etc. By sending information back to the body, we are helping to retrain the body to find and return to homeostasis.

In other words, everything in existence has a frequency. Everything when deduced down is energy in motion, each thing vibrating at its own unique frequency. Quantum science is the understanding that so much of what we see or believe is illusionary. For example, when you eat an apple, you are receiving a compilation of all the frequencies within said apple (vitamins, minerals, etc); put together it creates it's own unique frequency. So the question is, since you are made up SOLELY of energy, does your body actually need the form of an apple or does it, in the end, simply require the energy? With quantum biofeedback technology, we can send the body (or rather energy field) the frequency of an apple and the energy field will respond to/receive it just as it would the physical apple. It will react as if an apple has entered the energy field. With this information, we are not only able to get a detailed understanding of your energy bodies on all levels (physical, emotional, and mental), we can also feed back frequencies that your body is "requesting" for it's healing process and optimal health. Additionally, these frequencies can be sent just as any other energetic current (think cell phone waves), across a long distance, allowing for remote sessions. I conduct sessions on myself regularly, and while I have all of the harnesses to physically hook up to the SCIO, nine times out of ten I choose to run remotely on myself for ease and the fact that it works just the same. The illusion of the physical is somewhat arbitrary in the quantum reality.

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