vailability is limited to a few sessions per month. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

Upon arriving, you will find a selection of handcrafted wearable art (including headpieces, accessories, and costume elements), wigs, and props to choose from. I prefer to use natural elements and recycled/repurposed material to craft my pieces, so most of them are "limited edition" due to their delicate nature. The first half of your session time will be spent with you getting styled as we curate a unique look that best reflects the magical being you are! I will walk you through what to bring from home before the event. Styling does not include makeup, but it can include "elements" of makeup or facial adornment that are integral to the overall aesthetic. (Some wardrobe is provided but you will need to bring options from home).

The second half of your session will be making the magic happen! We will choose one perfect backdrop (either a studio backdrop or a nearby nature backdrop, depending on the lighting) and create a series of magical images. Do NOT worry if you don't know what to do or what to expect! I will walk you through every step of the way and you will never feel "at a loss" of what to do next. There will not be any extra sets of eyes on you either. I prefer my shoots to be just me and my subject so that you can feel most at ease!

There are a few key elements that take a portrait from being a photograph to fine art. The two most important elements for me are handmade wearable art pieces and the lengthy editing process. After an involved color-grading process, I hand paint the image in PS to give it that surreal painterly and ethereal feel. The edit time of one painterly image can take up to two hours!  This process is what takes my images to the next level and produces one of a kind works of art for your wall. I do not use any AI in my images.

Obviously, this is not a process I can do on every image! So you will receive 8-12 lightly edited/color-graded high res images along with printing rights. From this set of images you will choose your very favorite image to turn into fine art! 

So you are getting:

-45-60 min personal styling session
-45-60 min photoshoot
-one of a kind art pieces to wear 
-8-12 high-res images with print rights
-Two painterly fine art edits (also high-res with print rights). Additional fine art edits may be added on for an additional cost.

Payment plans are available. A $200 deposit is due upon booking to secure your spot.

An additional person may be added to the shoot for an additional $200 per person. No more than 3 people per shoot.


What does a standard shoot entail?

What will you get?

investment: $1200

multiple people

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Photoshoot full payment

Photoshoot full payment


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Pay now

vailability is limited to a few sessions per month. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.